Jun 9, 2009

Camilla Svensson with her family

Few days ago, when I was checking my mails and looked at attached photos, I just couldn't stop smiling !!! One of my Swedish classmate Camilla Svensson just send me some photos of her little sunshine prince Elliot.Her son is so so so chubby & adorable !!!!!! One of photo is Elliot wearing earmuffs and panda pacifier, which is really entertainment one !!! It reminds me that I did take a photo of his mum in our school hammering room when his mum was hammering her assignment. It would be fun to put 2 photos together! haaa ...
前幾天收信時收到來自瑞典同學Camilla Svensson的信,裡頭還有她那寶貝兒子近照.打開信件看到照片時我不自覺ㄧ直咪咪的笑!!! 照片實在太可愛了啦!!!!! 又圓又討人喜歡 !! 其中有一張照片是同學寶貝兒子帶著工業用耳罩同時還含著ㄧ顆奶嘴!!! 娛樂效果十足!! 記得當時在學校時,我也幫同學拍過ㄧ張照片,當時同學也是戴著耳罩,在學校敲打室努力賣命要完成功課!!! 當下決定要把那張照片找出來,跟她兒子戴耳罩的照片擺一起!!!
同學很專注在學校敲打室完成課業!同學敲打的技巧真的不是蓋!!! 很專業!!! 接下來你可以欣賞到她那寶貝兒子所帶來的娛樂照片!!!

我想樣跟我家阿母一樣酷啦!雖然我還含著熊貓奶嘴!我也要戴耳罩拍張照模仿我家媽咪口以嗎?I want to be as cool as my mum with wearing earmuffs and panda pacifier!!!

Times is flying and terrifies me !!! When I was studying in Sweden, I met some good classmates,who were Emely Ahlsen,Klara Schmidt,Hedda Bjerkeli and Camilla Svensson .We used to hung out a lot during school time ! .......had lunch together, fika(Swedish coffee break) together ,discussed our assignments together!!!
時間真的飛逝!!! 快到有點嚇到我了.當時在瑞典唸書時,交到幾位不錯的同學.有Emely Ahlsen,Klara Schmidt,Hedda Bjerkeli 跟 這位Camilla Svensson .大家在學校時候常常圍在一起吃中餐,Fika(瑞典話"喝咖啡時間")也常常一起討論學校課業.

Right now my those Swedish classmates are all being a mum! Some of them are not only being a mum, but also having their own career ! Now return to myself, my schedule is severe laggard !! ha .... ha ...
如今我那這幾位同學都升格當媽咪了.有的不僅當了阿母! 還有自己的事業呢! 回過頭來看看自己,我樣樣進度嚴重落後啦!!! 哈哈.........

Camilla is a very kind person.Once she even invited me to her backhome "Gothenburg" .She was worried about me who would be lonely during long holidays without family reunion!Furthermore,she was the person who send me to emergency when I was quite ill at school! I still remember that I stayed in emergency about 8 hours, around midnight she came to hospital and picked me home! On the way to my place,I said to her, I was so sorry to bothering your school time. She replied me smiley" Hej Serena it's OK!! because of you otherwise I wouldn't have a chance to see such nice night views in the downtown" ! I always remember that!!!!!
同學Camilla真是大好人ㄧ枚!! 有一次瑞典放長假!大家都回自己家裡跟家人團聚.那一次Camilla怕我放長假無聊又沒家人陪,她把我也帶回她南部老家哥德堡跟她家人同聚!還有一次是我在學校生病,也是Camilla開車載我到急診室.我在急診室待了超過8小時,我先叫Camilla先回去學校趕作業.到了快午夜,Camilla又來醫院接我.在送我回家的路上, 我ㄧ直覺的很不好意思耽誤到同學學校課業跟她抱歉及道謝.她笑笑回我,要不是因為你我還真沒在午夜欣賞過市中心的夜景勒!!! 永遠記得那句話!!!

我家阿母幫我畫的妝!!! 很喜感吧!!!! 待會我要跟我表姐出門參加化妝舞會呢!!

非常喜歡同學這張照片!!! 笑的很燦爛!很Camilla!!!


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