May 6, 2009

Oriental Impression / 東方印象

墬鍊 / Pendant (銅, 紙,手繪,樹脂 / brass, paper,hand painting , epoxy resin)

東方印象這系列是我對國畫有感而發而創作.在這系列作品裡我跳脫大家對國畫的刻板印象.我刻意用麥克筆作畫而不是用一般的毛筆.再來就是通常一張國畫會搭配一個畫框.我運用3個畫框連結在一起,由於這3個連結 在一起的畫框把一張圖分割成3部分. 我必須將這3張圖很精準的再連接起 來. 這樣的設計的確在製作過程帶給我很多不便, 但是如果他可以帶給大家很不一樣的新感受.那一切都是值得的

Oriental Impression collection, I was inspired by Chinese painting. Normally Chinese painting always paint by brush pens but I did use mark pens to finish it. Furthermore,one painting is always with one frame;however, in this collections, I was trying to make unusual frames. I totally made 3 frames for a painting. Those frames divided the painting into 3 parts, Thus I had to conjoin 3 parts painting together and precisely. This design really brought me a lot of troubles,anyhow if it really gives my work new fresh look and it’s worth . Is't it ?

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