May 6, 2009

YODEX - 新一代設計展

新一代設計展即將到來, 這次來台展出的北歐瑞典創作者其中一位還是我瑞典唸書的同學.沒想到竟然會在台灣再度碰面!!!
YODEX is coming soon! One of participator from Sweden is my classmate.I never though that we are going to bump into each other right at YODEX in Taiwn.

這次展覽的作品跟我以往的創作風格迥異,雖然還是以銀做為創作主軸材料,但是結合不同的異材質, 作品呈現出來的效果也有所不同.為了展覽的神秘感,我在此就先不上載我的作品照片.這樣才能吸引你們到會場來一趟!!! 哈哈!!!

For the exhibition, my work is quite different from my past.I still work on silver as my major material;however, I also mix up some new elelments to bring out diversity of result. In order to attract you guys to the exhibition, I won't upload my work here ! ha ha ....

這次展覽,除了要創作作品之外,我也是有多重身分.從陳列美工 -> 木匠 ->油漆工 -> 雜物工. 一手包辦自己展覽陳列道具. 準備這些陳列道具累歸累,如果最後陳列出來的意境沒有"走精",而且比我心中架構的陳列藍圖更棒的話,那就累的很值得了.至於我用什麼陳列道具手法來呈現我的作品, 就等你在新一代設計展裡找出答案喔!新一代設計展見喔!

Finally excep for creating work,I am taking care of display -> woodwork -> painting that really make me exhausted. But if the exhibition and the display presentation come out all right or even better and fascinated,all my effort is worth. About what kind of disply way to present my work,I am going to keep the secret until you to find out at the exhibition. see u there !

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