Oct 1, 2009

Natural Breeze - Fly Around Brooch / 自然微風 - 出遊胸針

Fly Around Brooch /出遊胸針

Ha...出遊胸針已經悄悄出沒了喔! 當Serena看到這款作品完成時整個人超興奮的. 很古錐!
Ha...Fly Around Brooch is coming up!I Serena was quite excited when I saw the work finished. So lovely !

Brooch is always Serena's one of favorite item but in Taiwan not so many people wear brooch.Actually brooch is a very good accessory to dress up.For instance, except for wearing brooch on my shirt or jacket, I wear it on my hat or even wear it on my scarf and my bag !Maybe you can try next time since autumn/ & winter are a good timing for wearing brooch.

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