Aug 25, 2009

Natural Breeze / 自然微風- 休憩戒指

休憩戒指 (材質925銀 +織品麂皮 + 琉化氧) / "Take a Rest " ring (925silver + suede look fabric + oxidation )

哈囉 ! 終於把我自然微風最新的作品 - 休憩戒指放到部落格上跟大家分享. 如果你仔細看那戒指你可以看到小鳥的嘴上似乎咬著東西!!! 哈哈沒錯,它除了在樹枝上休息之外也忙著享受嘴裡的食物呢! 這隻小鳥在出遊之後, 需要休憩一下順便補充一下體力 啦!!! Hej ! here I finally upload my latest work - "Take a rest " ring of Natural Breeze Collection.If you look the ring carefully, you might see something on the bird's mouth ! ha ha !!! The bird is taking a rest on a branch and having food as well ! The bird needs to take a rest after "Fly Around ".
There are 3 tricks of design,please see following photos!


戒指戒身本身是方形的, 但是是從左邊到右邊漸漸變細,戒身的上面也是慢慢往戒身下面變細喔!下面照片就可以很清楚看到戒身右邊是比左邊細喔! The ring shape is square but it is getting narrower from the left to the right side,and from the top to the bottom is the same !

品牌鋼印蓋在戒指的背面有別於傳統的蓋法蓋在戒身內圍喔! My label Serena Chen stamps on backside of the ring instead of on inside !

有看到我的另一個設計重點嗎?小鳥並不是立正站好在樹枝上喔 ! 小鳥是微微朝著樹枝傾斜喔! The bird slopes gently towards the branch.

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