Jul 22, 2009

Natural Breeze / 自然微風

Ear rings with silver & suede look fabric / 耳環(材質925純銀 +織品 麂皮 )

Natural Breeze collection is inspired by the enviornment surrounding. For instance, the ear rings you see here, they are relative to petals.but so far this collection is not completed and there are still some work on going .Anyhow following days, I will upload more work of this collection as soon as I can.
自然微風系列是以身活周遭大自然景象為創作靈感,比如這款耳環你可以很清楚看出來它是以花瓣為設計由來.不過到目前為止這一系列能然還沒被完成, 還有幾款設計還在持續當中.不過我會再加快腳步完成它.Acurally last year, I have already sold this collection.The long necklace with quite big petal,it sold quite well and out of my expectation.Unfortunately this long necklace couldn't offer anymore because of encountering some problems.

There is a small announcement,from now on , all Serena Chen's collections will have my label on backside or my label tag with.
這裡有一件小小的預告!!從即日期,Serena Chen 的作品背後都會蓋上品牌鋼印或者是附上金屬品牌標籤ㄧ枚.

on the ear ring back side, you could see my label on it.以後Serena 的作品背後都會有蓋上Serean Chen這品牌logo.

I know it didn't focus on my ear ring.我知道它對焦沒對好!!!

yes,yes, yes, this one is still blurred ....haaa .The food serves on the table that seems quite delicious! / 對對對!我知道, 這張照片還是很模糊啦!!反倒是桌上的菜好像狠不錯吃ㄟ!!


  1. Hi...

    Thanks for visiting my blog...i love your earrings.

    Good luck to you too...


  2. Hola gill,

    Thanks for u visiting my blog & leaving me message too.

    Both of your work and hand sketches are amazing/ artistic.
    I really like that!!!

    looking forward to seeing your new work soon !!!




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