Jun 18, 2009

銀線的有趣 / Interesting Silver Wire

胸針 / Brooch

曾經有ㄧ回把銀線當作我實驗的對象!!! 運用現成的銀線究竟能做出怎樣的作品呢?一開始我也沒有啥把握,直到第一件作品完成時,我可是整個熱情都被燃起又繼續創作第2件,第3件作品跟.......!!!
I used to experiment with silver wires !!! What can I do by using silver wire form? Actually I didn't' have any clues until I was finished first silver wire work , ha ha ... That made me constantly create second one, third one and .......The way I like my work since the shpaes are quite organic and simple.

雖然第4件作品我不是很滿意,等到哪一天那個fu來了, 我再繼續把他修改一下!! fu要是不對味,創作時可是會把作品搞砸的........屢試不爽 !!!!! 急不來的!
Although I am not satisfied with my fourth piece, I will wait until my "innovation feeling" back. And then I am going to alter it. When the "innovation feeling" is not right for you pieces, never ....ever to work on them. It will ruin them ......... my personal experience!!! no rush in that moment!

胸針 / Brooch

胸針 / Brooch

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