Feb 16, 2009

Evoking - Memories of Stockholm / 喚起 - 斯德哥爾摩印象

a view at 9:am / 早上9點多

Living in Taiwan barely see snow views but in Stockholm which is almost half year in winter time with snow. In the winter time, the sky is getting dark around 3:00 in the afternoon. During the winter time people there are getting quiet, inactivate and depressed easily without enough sun. Avoiding to keep in the dark & depressed feeling, Swedes use a lot of white & bright colors for their environment. "snow / white - winter / dark " affect their daily lives very much & also inspire their design field very well.
在台灣很難看到雪景,但是在斯德哥爾摩幾乎半年都是在下雪.冬季時,大約下午3點就開始天黑.冬季時由於日照不足,瑞典人活動力會降低,話也變的不多. 整個人的情緒也會變的比較容易沮喪.瑞典人會巧用白色或明亮顏色來改變週遭環境來避免受到黑暗的寒冬影響."下雪 / 白色 - 冬天 / 黑暗"影響瑞典日常生活非常深遠但是也同時給予瑞典人在設計上很大的啟發.

As a Taiwanese in Stockholm, I did get inspiration from the freezing weather as well;however, due to the culture impact, my inspiration would be quite different from Swedes. Thus relative to "snow / white - winter / dark " here are some pictures for you reference. Those pictures were taken casually during my way to home, school, shop and so on. Coming up next are my work to offer you how I was affected by the weather. ha .. ha .. hope you will like that ! ...
身為一位在斯德哥爾摩生活的台灣人,瑞典這樣酷寒的冬天同時也某種程度上啟發了我.但是由於我是東方人,文化衝擊關係, 相較之下我跟瑞典人受到嚴寒冬天的啟發絕對會是不一樣的.有關
"snow / white - winter / dark ",我這裡提供一些冬天雪景照片是我當時在斯德哥爾摩很隨性拍的.有的是回家路上拍的,有的是上學路上拍的.....再接下來是我的作品.讓你們看看這樣酷寒天氣如何影響到我的作品.希望你們會喜歡.

a short cut to my school / 到學校的捷徑

was on my way to school / 上學途中拍的

on my way to home from school with my classmate Camilla Svensson at 10:30pm.hardly to walk on a steep with snow on ,so u can imagine how difficultly push our bikes.晚上10點半左右跟同學Camilla Svensson從學校回家.又黑又冷.原本已經很難行走在大雪鋪蓋的斜坡,更何況要推腳踏車.

Necklace / 項鍊 (silver, copper , oxidation / 銀, 紅銅,硫化氧)
necklace with very sculptured tree shape.on the top is silver and the bottom is copper with oxidation black color which is contrast to the silver top / 非常立體項鍊作品. 形狀如同被雪覆蓋的樹(銀白色/銀的材質).底下則是用銅去硫化氧成黑色來跟上面的銀白色的樹作對比.

Pendant / 墬鍊 (silver & epoxy resin / 銀 & 樹酯 )
pendant with silver and handpainting.you even can see my signature if you look it carefully.墬鍊用銀作成圖畫框,裡面鑲製我手繪的圖.仔細看我 畫的圖,可以看到我的簽名喔.

Pendant / 墬鍊 (silver & epoxy resin / 銀 & 樹酯 )

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