Jan 12, 2016

Series of Love 戀愛3部曲系列玫瑰金版本

"熱戀期"這條項鍊你可以看到2隻小鳥正在激情的接吻, 也很大方跟世人宣示我們是熱戀中的情侶. 對熱戀期的情侶來說, 他們眼裡所看到的事情都是美好的.
From the following "So in Love"photo, you can see 2 birds are kissing and revealing to everyone that they are "So in Love”. Everything for the couple is just fabulous.

" 失戀期"項鍊,你可以看到只剩一隻小鳥獨自在那. 即便有果實就在她的正上方, 她連振動一下她的翅膀的力氣都沒有. 所有事情對她來說了無生氣跟負面. 在她身旁的那棵樹也彎著腰, 似乎也感同身受到那隻小鳥的心碎心情. From the following "Heart Broken"photos,you might see a bird alone, and she can’t even have strength to vibrate her wings a bit even though there is fruit just right above from her. Everything for her is negative. The tree next to the bird also bends its body and feels the sadness as the bird does.


"康復期"照片裡你可以看到那隻心碎的小鳥終於可以展翅高 飛站立在樹上, 她已經再度自信滿滿尋找她的下一個新戀情. From the following "Recovering" necklace photos, the bird finally can stand up on the top of tree, and she has been well confident and seeking for her next relationship already.

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