Dec 5, 2015

Imperfection / 我們都不完美系列

We are all imperfect that makes us unique. Don’t let your imperfection to be your stumbling block. Making it be your motivation and move on confidently.

我們都不完美,這樣的不完美造就我們每個人的獨特性.別讓你的不完美成為你的絆腳石. 讓它成為你自信往前走的動力吧 !

察覺到這系列的小雛菊花瓣設計都是呈現掉落或不完美的狀態嗎? 即便是這樣不完美的小雛菊,它仍然很有自信迎風搖曳著……………

Although the petals of daisy are all in imperfect form, they still posture beautifully and confidently!!!

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