Aug 7, 2011

Annual Ring Clock - 年輪時鐘


  1. Serena, have you ever came across this notion from Modernist, "form follows function"? after i spent a year in US, i really believed in this notion. I have trouble evaluating designs when I went shopping because i think good design should be in its simplest form, that every element has to have a function.when i did project at school, i sometimes eliminated too much, and the work becomes too abstract that no one can interpret,but when i start adding information to the work, i got the feedback that it's cheesy..

  2. Hej 和顏,
    "form follows function"--->Yes!mostly it is!
    your work can't please everyone!thus it's good to have someone's opinion;however, sometimes it's better just trust yourself and follow your instinct for your design!!
    In my experience, when I was studying in Sweden, my classmates discussed their projects with professor,teachers or even guess lectors very
    often, but for me, the more I talked to professor or teachers the more I confused! and then I realized working quietly by myself that's what I needed!!! so try to find your working way for yourself!

    hope my words help ypu a bit!
    we need cheers not cheesy "

  3. yes! i totally agree with you! i got more confused after I discussed my project with my professors. eventually i just work on my project and ask for feedback when it's time for final critique.

  4. 您好 , 今天在設計展看到您的年輪時鐘創作 , 相當欣賞 , 請問該如何跟您購賣呢 :) ?

  5. Hi, 我很喜歡這項商品, 請問哪裡可以買的到?



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