Oct 23, 2009

Hate Materials / 不討喜的材質

Brooch / 胸針

What does it make of ? Have a guess ! In this school project, I had to bring the materials that I dislike. No clues what the professor would ask us to do those hate materials with ? One day he said, tried to experiment your hate materials, and then he left Sweden. Geeee !!!! What I was going to do with my recycling plastic bags ? still no clues ! Almost 2 weeks I tried any possibilities to experiment such as; bit , hammered , mixed them with glue and so on ..........
猜猜看照片上這些胸針是由什麼材質做的呢 ?有一次學校有個project. 教授要求我們帶我們討厭的材質到學校.實在搞不懂教授要我們帶這些材料到學校幹麻. 某天他說,拭著去實驗你們所帶來的討厭材質吧!然後他就離開瑞典.整整2個禮拜我試著各種可能實驗我所回收的塑膠袋. 咬 , 敲打,將它導碎跟膠水混合.....

One day my professor said ! ok ! you had whole month to transfer your hate materials to jewelry !!! Oh my god !!! My experiment still didn't go any further steps ! I got really panic that moment ! What I was going to present my work during coming up the presetation in front of my professor, teachers and whole students in our department?
某天教授又說, 好了!該事時候將你所討厭的材質變成珠寶(請看備註一) 了喔! 我的天ㄚ! 我的實驗都沒進展ㄟ!要怎嚜把我的回收塑膠袋變成珠寶勒 ? ㄧ個月後要驗收的成果發表,我該怎嚜面對教授所有老師及系上所有學生. 當下的我開始腸胃絞痛了超緊張的! (不能在老外面前丟臉,才是重點啦!)

Yet things just happened ! I collected more recycling plastic bags from my classmates ! Whole my space in school filled up with recycling plastic bags ! I really got into the project ! kept experiment & experiment ! When the result came out, I was very fascinated by the colors & texture & organic shapes !
傻人還是有傻福的 ! 我收集同學家裡所有不要的塑膠袋! 我的座位都是回收來的塑膠袋!我整個人超投入這項project ! 卯起勁來實驗! 當我看到最後辛苦代價有好的結果時, 整個人欣喜若狂 ,也被這意外實驗出來的作品的顏色,紋路及外表給迷住 !


Brooch / 胸針

Brooch / 胸針

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